We deliver Offshore VPS service using state-of-the-art servers equipped with Multi-Core Dual Intel® Xeon® Processors fully stacked with RAM to provide fast and reliable servers. The server's containers run using OpenVZ virtualization technology, allowing us to keep backups of all the VPS for disaster recovery. All servers comes with network-level DDoS protection, and they are deployed instantly after receiving your order.

WHM/cPanel Control Panel Option: cPanel is the industry-standard server management software. It provides a friendly user interface and can support the most popular applications on the market.


Plesk Control Panel: Plesk Control Panel is a robust server management software designed to help you secure run apps and websites.


Linux Distros: We offer a wide rage of linux operating systems distributions. Choose from CentOS, Rocky, Debian, and Ubuntu.


DDoS Protection: All our plans offer protection and mitigation against all known attacks (Layer 3/4/7).


Daily Backups: All VPS nodes are backed up every day and in the event of server failure we can restore your data. Still, you are responsible for taking your back-ups.


24/7 Support: We offer around-the-clock first-level support via live chat and tickets to assist you with basic troubleshooting of your cases.


Offshore Data Center: Your data stored in a secure rack in our Panama City Data Center.


Privacy Protection: Your personal data and information will be kept confidential.


Root Access: Get complete control of your server with superuser access via SSH.


Scalable VPS: Scalable VPS. Upgrade your VPS to a higher-level plan without service interruption.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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